Travel freely !!

Don’t bother nor hesitate, it’s up to you!

Unexpected days off or last minute holidays, it’s time to have a break without any stress …
Travel freely !

At La Bastiane, days of arrival / departure are free until July 11th ! Bookings accepted for any minimum 5 nights stay, with no time limit.

Eager for travelling…Enjoy our overnight stay rates:

  • Romantic getaway from 35 € in a mobile home HAWAI 2 pers.
  • Family tribu, choose and book roomy & spacious TEXAS 6 pers. from 53 € the night.
  • Enjoy the luxury range and offer you the VIP type from 70 € per night for 4 pers.

Do not miss the festivities! See the agenda of the RIVIERA : traditional celebration, unavoidable events and festivals !

Availability & Tariffs