Jetski & Towed Buoy

Jetski & Towed Buoy

Ready to take the plunge?

For lovers of sliding, speed and thrills, here is an overview of the fun activities offered by seaside leisure providers. Sensitive souls, refrain!

Where to do jet ski, towed buoy or flyboard?

On the seaside, you will have the choice between many nautical activities, fun and sometimes extreme. More or less expensive, more or less accessible depending on the age but 100% delusional!

Here is a selection of providers offering these activities at sea:

  • Aqua’Gliss in Fréjus, Plage des Esclamandes
  • Kart Jet Adventure at the Port of Les Issambres, activities are guided by an instructor certified by the state.
  • Jet’s Cool in Théoule-sur-Mer, to discover the Red Rocks and the islands of Lérins

Dear vacationers, it’s time to take the plunge! I mean of course towed gear such as buoys, bananas, airstreams and other flyfish !!

Without forgetting the essential summer vacation activity, the Jet Ski! For beginners, initiations are offered in a fun and secure way. For the more intrepid, the ideal is to go hiking with a qualified instructor and enjoy the coves and creeks of the coast …

Find all the providers and book online on our Leisure Guide.


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