At Wonderland in kids paradise!

At Wonderland in kids paradise!


In summer, an entertainment team welcomes children from 5years and offers them fun and playfulactivities adapted to their tastes & desires !

Meet you at Tipi Lodge,
close to our new Bouncy Castle !

And as holidays rhyme with leisure, treasure hunt & ball games are scheduled. Then all these people will take a dip in the paddlingpool and will improvise a giant water battle! This weekend, the “long-awaited” show will delight parents.

Activities for kids

From 5 years, children can join Kids Club, supervised by Happy Animators! They propose several kind of activities, nice for all! It’s the guarantee that kids will live exceptional holidays. They will be able to experience new activities and maybe disclose hidden talents !


Kids Club : 5-7 years

  • craft workshops, playfuland artistic activities
  • painting, coloring, makeup
  • outdoor games, shows


Juniors Club : 8-12 years

  • tresure hunt, ball games, sporting challenge
  • craft workshops, creative activities, shows
  • outdoor games, music


children club

wading pool


children club

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