Sport activities and friends trips

Don't want to stay with parents? Wants to spend time with friends? At La Bastiane, teenagers like to see eachother every year and enjoy holidays on their own way! No worries, any activities are also made for them.

Our entertainment team don’t forget teenagers, the one who love spending time with friends! At La Bastiane, these teens like to meet around the swimming pool or to play in the afternoon tournaments:

  • water-polo, aqua-volley, aqua-basket…
  •  Table tennis
  •  Team sports: basketball, volleyball, football…

Some afternoons, they can go with one of the animation team for a trip outside:


Then, to finish the day, meet Rachid for team sports at 8PM on the lighted playground.

If you want more laughing, meet with everyone for the Olympic Games of La Bastiane and make a team with your friends or fight against them!

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