General terms of sale

General terms of sale

Yelloh Village La Bastiane - SAS Defert

In order to be eligible to use the services provided by Yelloh! Village, we request that you read the following general conditions carefully. These general terms of sales govern the sales of stays and take effect from the moment your booking is placed. By booking a holiday, you agree to fully comply with our general conditions.



  • The reservation becomes effective solely with the agreement of the Village, upon receipt of the deposit and either upon receipt of the booking contract duly completed and signed, or upon your agreeing to the general conditions of sale when booking online.
  • Yelloh! Village is not bound by bookings unless Yelloh! Village has accepted them. Yelloh! Village is free to accept or refuse bookings, depending on availability and, in general, depending on any circumstances that are likely to be prejudicial to the execution of the booking made. Yelloh! Village offers family holidays, in the traditional sense, and the accommodation has been specially designed for this purpose. Yelloh! Village reserves the right to refuse any booking that might contravene or attempt to pervert this principle.
  • Booking of camping pitches or rented accommodation is made strictly on a personal basis. Under no circumstances may you sub-let or transfer your reservation without the prior consent of the Village.
  • Minors must be accompanied by their parents or legal guardians.

Camping pitches
The basic package includes the pitch for the tent, caravan or camper van for one or two people, access to the toilet blocks and to the residential facilities.

Cottages & Chalets
The rental accommodation is fully equipped. The basic package ranges from 2 to 6 places, depending on the type of accommodation and the Village. Yelloh! Village campsites reserves the right to refuse access to the village to groups or families whose number exceeds the capacity of the accommodation rented.

Booking fees
Yelloh! Village does not charge a booking fee for rental accommodation and pitches.


  • Prices shown are effective for the actual season. They correspond to one night and are quoted in euros, including VAT.
  • The tourist tax varies according to the local council. Actually, it is 0.66€ /night / person +18y



  • For bookings made more than 30 days before the start of the holiday, the deposit of 15% of the total price of the facilities booked must be paid to the Village at the time of booking. The balance must be paid to the Village no later than 30 days before the start of a holiday. If the balance is not received from customers at least 30 days before the start of their holiday, the village reserves the right to cancel the booking and to readvertise the accommodation for rental.
  • For bookings made less than 30 days before the holiday start date, payment must be made in full at the time of booking with the Village.


In line with article L.221-28 of France’s consumer code, Yelloh! Village would like to inform its customers that the sale of accommodation services provided on a specific date or according to a specific timeframe is not subject to the provisions pertaining to the 14-day cooling off period.


1. Booking alterations
Customers may request for stays to be altered in the same campsite (dates and/or types of accommodation) by writing to the campsite (by post or email) subject to availability and options. Postponements until the following season are not permitted. If no alterations are made, customers must spend their holidays as they were agreed when initially booked, or cancel them in line with the conditions pertaining to the cancellation insurance.

  • Requests to extend the duration of stays will be dealt with subject to availability and in line with applicable prices.
  • Requests to reduce the duration of stays are deemed to be partial cancellations and will be subject to the terms and conditions which apply to cancellation and termination of stays.

2. Unused facilities
In the event of stays which are interrupted or cut short for one of the following reasons:

  • Border closures
  • Administrative closure of the campsite
  • Travel restricted to a number of kilometres meaning he/she cannot come to the campsite

A credit voucher for an amount corresponding to unused nights, valid for two years, will be issued by the campsite. If the customer rejects this credit voucher, he/she will receive a refund, on request, of the corresponding amount, minus the cost of the cancellation insurance if such a subscription has been taken out.

Apart from the reasons stated above, all interrupted or shortened stays (late arrival, early departure) due to the customer will not be subject to refunds or credit vouchers.

3. Cancellation by Yelloh! Village.
In the event of cancellation by Yelloh! Village, except in the case of force majeure, the stay will be refund in full. This cancellation shall not however incur the payment of damages and interest.

4. Cancellation due to camper

All requests for cancellation must be sent in writing to the postal address of the Yelloh! Village campsite or by e-mail. Cancellations made over the telephone cannot be considered. All cancellations will result in the annulment of the reservation and the campsite reserves the right to make the accommodation available for rental again

a. If campers cancel their bookings without taking out cancellation insurance

For one of the following reasons preventing the stay :

  • Border closures
  • Administrative closure of the campsite
  • Travel restricted to a number of kilometres meaning he/she cannot come to the campsite

A credit voucher for an amount corresponding to the total of amounts already paid, valid for two years, will be issued by the campsite. If the customer rejects this credit voucher, he will receive a refund, on request, of the corresponding amount.

For all other reasons:

  • Example 1: Cancellation up to 16 (sixteen) days before start of stay.
    The deposit of 15% of the price of the stay will be kept by the campsite by way as a cancellation fee. Amounts paid, minus the deposit, will be refunded.
    If the payment has been made in part or in totality using a credit voucher of a value greater than that of the deposit: the deposit of 15% of the amount of the stay will be kept by the campsite by way as a cancellation fee. A new non-refundable credit voucher valid for 2 years useable at the campsite at which the stay was cancelled will be issued for the amount of the initial credit voucher after deduction of the 15% deposit. The remaining amounts paid other than by credit voucher will be refunded.
  • Example 2: Cancellation between 15 days and 6 days before the start of the stay. A sum of 30% of the total amount of the stay will be retained by the campsite as a cancellation fee. A credit voucher will be issued for an amount corresponding to the sums paid minus the cancellation fee, which is equal to 30% of the total amount of the stay. This credit voucher is non-refundable, non-transferable, and may only be used at the campsite at which the stay was cancelled and is valid for two years.
  • Example 3: Cancellation between 5 days before and up to the day scheduled for start stay. The total amount paid, i.e. the total amount of the stay, will be retained by the campsite. No refund will be paid. If the customer does not arrive at the campsite within two days of the date of start of stay, without previously informing the campsite by letter or e-mail, the reservation will be considered as having been cancelled by the customer. The campsite therefore reserves the right to make the accommodation available for rent again.

In the event of the stay being cancelled, the amount paid in holiday vouchers may not be subject to any refund, in accordance with Article L.112-14 I. of the French Monetary and Financial Code. In this event, a non-refundable credit voucher valid for 2 years, useable at the campsite where the stay was cancelled, will be issued for the amount of the sums paid in holiday vouchers, after deduction of any deposit that may have been paid, in line with the conditions indicated above.

b. If campers cancel their bookings having taken out cancellation insurance

Amounts paid are covered by the guarantee in line with the terms & conditions of cancellation. Find the General Terms and Conditions of Insurance in “Download” – “Useful information”. If the reason is not covered by the cancellation insurance or if the case is rejected by it, the general conditions of sale of paragraph 4 a. apply and the cost of cancellation insurance will be deducted from the amounts paid in the event of cancellation.



1. Arrival

  •  The arrival days are variable: free out of season and Wednesday, Saturday and Sunday in summer season for rentals and free all season for campers.
  •  Rental accommodation: on the day of your arrival in the Yelloh! Village, you may check in from 2 p.m., and no deposit will be required to hand the keys to your accommodation.

2. During your stay

It is up to campers to ensure they have insurance cover:  campers are responsible for looking after their personal belongings (bicycles etc.). The village shall in no event be held liable in case of an incident involving campers’ civil liability. All visitors must comply with the provisions of the internal regulations. Each named tenant is responsible for disturbances and nuisance caused by persons staying with or visiting them.

3. Departure

  • Rental accommodation: on the day of departure specified in your contract, the rental accommodation must be vacated by 10.30 a.m. The accommodation shall be left perfectly clean and the inventory may be checked. Any breakage or damage shall be payable by you along with any repairs to the premises, if that should prove necessary. At the end of your stay, a compensation will be retained, on production of the supporting invoices, against possible damage ascertained during the departure inventory.
  • Rental accommodation: in the event of the accommodation not having been cleaned before your departure, a fixed cleaning charge of at least €85 including taxes shall be invoiced to you (see the prices page for each Village).
  • For any delayed departure, you may be charged for an additional day at the price applicable for that night.


Pets are permitted in some Yelloh! Village campsites (except dogs which are listed in France’s 1st and 2nd categories), with payment required when the booking is made. When admitted, they must be kept on a lead at all times. They are prohibited from swimming pool areas, in food shops and in buildings. Dogs’ and cats’ vaccination certificates must be up-to-date.


You give permission to Yelloh! Village, as well as to any person chosen by Yelloh! Village, to take photographs of you, to record you or to film you during your stay with Yelloh! Village and to use the resulting images, sounds, videos and recordings using any media (especially on Yelloh! Village websites and web pages, including Facebook, on Yelloh! Village information and promotion media and on travel and tourism guides). This permission applies for you as well as for people staying with you. The sole purpose of this is to promote and to provide information about Yelloh! Village establishments and the Yelloh! Village network, and may in no event damage your reputation. This permission is provided free of charge for all countries and for a period of 5 years.


Complaints regarding non-compliance of services with regard to contractual commitments may be sent to the manager of the village, M. Christophe DEFERT or to Yelloh! Village by post or email.


In the event of a dispute with one of the establishments in our group, you may contact us in the following way:

  • Send a registered letter with acknowledgement of receipt to the manager of the village concerned
  • Send a copy of this letter to customer services at or by post to YELLOH! VILLAGE – BP 68 – 7 chemin du môle – 30220 AIGUES MORTES – FRANCE

If you are not satisfied with the response you receive, you may refer to the Medicys mediation centre after a period of one month following the time you sent these letters/emails. Please make your submission online at, or by post to: Medicys – 73 Boulevard de Clichy – F-75009 PARIS


The client acknowledges that Yelloh! Village may not be held responsible for any false information supplied by its partners or by any third party that might be specified in the Yelloh! Village brochure or on its website, concerning the residential premises, and particularly its photographs, descriptions, activities, leisure activities, services and dates of operation. All photographs and text used in the brochure or in the Yelloh! Village website do not form part of any contractual obligation. They are for information purposes only. Certain activities and facilities offered by the Yelloh! Villages and specified in the brochure description may be cancelled, particularly as a result to weather conditions or for reasons of force majeure, as defined by French law.


The information you provide us with at the time of your booking will not be transmitted to any third party. Yelloh! Village shall treat this information as confidential. It shall be used solely by the Yelloh! Village internal services for processing your booking and to reinforce and personalise communication and the services offered to Yelloh! Village clients concerning your centres of interest. In accordance with the data-processing and liberties law of 6 January 1978, you have the right to access, amend and change personal data relating to you. To do this, simply write to us at the following address, stating your full name and address:
Yelloh! Village
BP 68
F – 30220 Aigues-Mortes
SIRET no.: 432 366 839 00038
Registered with the register of tour and holiday operators under the following number: IM030110015

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