Love stories

Love stories

Did you know... ?

La Bastiane was, many times, the begining of beautiful love stories...

A campsite is a meeting point of joyce, laughs, creator of memories… It is also a place where wonderful friendships are born. Who doesn’t have an old friend from his teenager holidays?

But at La Bastiane it’s been more than this! Many beautiful and long love stories were born here. Some have just  lasted, others have come to a wedding (sometimes to a wedding at La Bastiane!), others have come to new littles campers!

We love celebrate love and we have welcomed few wonderful wedding at the campsite. The last one, the one of Justin and Lackend, a kid of La Bastiane and his wife who has directly loved that magic place!

Valentine’s day is also the time to remember those fantastic memories and remember you that La Bastiane is first a family, family Defert, which is growing year after year thanks to you our campers friends! We are very happy to be the place of happiness in your family!

Celebrate your happy moments with us!

For a birthday, enjoy a lovers weekend at La Bastiane

For a lovely atmosphere, add our BOX Love.

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