Our Sustainable Actions

Our Sustainable Actions

Commit by following our 10 eco-gestures

Camping La Bastiane is committed to respecting and preserving the environment through the Eco-act passport with 7 major areas of action are taken into account. We invite you to join this approach during your stay and we are listening to your suggestions to enrich this passport. We wish you a pleasant stay in La Bastiane.

Sustainable actions and Eco-gestures

les eco gestes en camping

Welcome in your ‘FAMILLE PLUS’ rental

Our 6 commitments for an unforgettable family holiday:

  • Provide you a personal welcoming, adapted to your expectations and those of your children
  • Put at your disposal the list of activities and special events for your family
  • Offer you specific facilities (child sanitary and baby kit)
  • Give you the feeling to be unique and offering drawing sets at the reception
  • Provide your children with our playgrounds and lend them equipment
  • Let you enjoy benefits from smart rates and offers tailored to families

Sustainable Tourism Charter

The campsite La Bastiane, its leaders as well as its teams are committed to respecting and preserving the environment through a passport (guide of the responsible camper). For this, 7 major areas of action are taken into account:

  1. Reduction of waste (sorting, recycling)
  2. Master consumptions (water, energy)
  3. Contribute to the improvement of quality
  4. Purchasing policy: “buy better to pollute less”
  5. Fight against nuisances (visual, sound, olfactory)
  6. Discover and highlight the local natural wealth
  7. Respect and make respect the landscape charter of the campsite

Our tips for saving water

Drinking water is a scarce resource and it is essential to preserve it.

Reduce your water consumption in the bathroom:

  • The taps of our cottages (mobile homes, chalets) are equipped with flow reducers
  • All our collective showers have thermostatic mixing valves = time saving to regulate the temperature of the water
  • The toilets of our cottages (mobile homes, chalets) are equipped with a dual flush toilet allowing to use between 3 and 8 liters of water instead of 10 to 12 liters usually
  • All our collective toilets have timed flush = limited flow time

Save water in the kitchen:

In the kitchen it is the washing of dishes that we will point the finger in priority. And yet, some good habits to acquire will not change our way of life and will save more liters of drinking water. We strive to make our customers aware of good practices.

Save water in the garden:

Camping La Bastiane uses a so-called drip irrigation system that regulates the pressure and therefore the quantity of water distributed. In addition, we preferred the installation of synthetic grass to save our water needs. As a result, our parcels are embellished with a green lawn all year long!


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