A world of dreams for an unforgettable holiday!

Because holidays are synonymous with leisure, La Bastiane offers quality infrastructure, leisure and sports, adapted to the largest number … And while the bowlers will take over the bowling, others will devote themselves to a sports session on the different camping platforms: multisport terrain, half court, outdoor fitness park ….

And for the ‘night owl’, go to the Club where the DJ will keep you awake for a good part of the night! Hits of the Roaring Twenties to the latest beat in vogue, come dance to the rhythm of timeless playlists …

And always in the interest of comfort and quality of our equipment, bathrooms have been completely renovated: new practical and modern showers cubicles! Toilet blocks for people with limited mobility were also remodelled. However, no renovation was required in the children toilet block, popular with moms and their kids!