Holidays with your dog

Holidays with your dog

A four stars Dog Friendly campsite in the heart of Provence

Located in the heart of green landscapes, our dog-friendly campsite offers all the facilities to enjoy your outdoor holiday. Follow our tips to enjoy your holiday with your dog.

A friendly welcome for all

If you are in search of a beautiful escape where you will enjoy of the natural beauty of the Var and share moments with your loyal four-legged friend, don’t look further than La Bastiane campsite in Puget-sur-Argens. Dogs are welcome here and we consider them as a full members of the family. This is the reason why we created an environment where the dogs and their owners can relax and have fun.

  • Facilities adapted to your dog

We know that the wellness of your dog is important and this is the reason why you will find lot of dog’s areas so he can spend himself and socialize with other four-legged friends. You can also find a dog wash area, ideal to refresh your pet after a long walk under the pine trees. Most cottages offer a closed terrace with a barrier to ensure your dog’s security and don’t disturb neighborhood. If you want this barrier you need to tell it to the reception during your booking.

At the entrance of the campsite you have an accès to the Massif de l’esterel. This forest is ideal for a morning outing or a long walk.

An outdoor adventure

The Var is a paradise for outdoor lovers, and we strongly encourage dog owners to explore the natural beauty of this region. You will find hiking trails next to the sea or in the countryside. La Bastiane suggest you 4 places to discover:

  • Hiking of 3 lakes: an epic adventure

Enjoy a morning hike with your dog to see the sunrise and hear the birds singing. The hiking of 3 lakes start at the entrance of the campsite. During your walk you will see the various small lakes and the local fauna. Don’t forget to bring your water bottle for you and your dog. You will also need bags for your dog’s waste.

Here you will find the itinerary from the campsite.

  • Esclamandes beach in Saint-Aygulf: a beach that allows dogs

Located in the bay of Fréjus, the Esclamandes beach is a paradise for dogs and their owners. Here, rules that often prevent dogs from enjoying classic beaches dosn’t exist. This big beach is separate in four places: a familly zone, a nudist zone, a kitsurf zone and a dog zone. The area for dogs is at the extreme north of the beach and the name is “La plage d’Argens”. You will find a big parking, paying in season, just behind.

GPS coordinates of the beach :

  • Pacha beach in Fréjus

    Pacha beach is the extreme end of the Fréjus nature reserve. To get there, you need to walk around 900 metres from the nature base car park, taking a pleasant stroll along the seafront past the Fréjus military base. There’s a friendly, relaxed atmosphere here, perfect for seaside strolls with your dog happily frolicking by your side.

    Pacha beach address: 1258, Boulevard de la Mer 83600 Fréjus

  • The creeks of the Esterel and Les Issambres: A hidden paradise

The Var coast offers lot of hidden treasures waiting to be explored. The Corniche d’Or, with its clear waters and spectacular red rock formations, offers an idyllic setting for a getaway with your dog. These coves are accessible by hiking trails. You and your dog will have the opportunity to swim into turquoise waters and enjoy the natural beauty of the area. We recommend you the Calanque de Maupas and the Calanque des Anglais. Please don’t disturb sensitive ecosystems and leave the places as you found them.
At les Issambres, the coves are a peaceful place for dog owners who looking for moments of relaxation. Those beaches offers  a dog’s access all year round.

  • The Saint-Cassien lake: an aquatic pleasure for animals

In the heart of the Var, this lake is surrounded by green hills and beautiful forests. The beaches of the lake offer a safe space where dogs can run freely and swim. The dog’s owners and their pets can do lot of activities near the lake, for example they can rent canoes, paddle or pedal boats. Its a different way to discover the lake and enjoy this place. Please for the security take care of your dog and be sure that your dog is comfortable in the water.

  • Small rules point

We accept animals in the campsite at a cost of 6€ per day. We allow a maximum of 2 pets by location. Their vaccines must be up on the date and you need to keep him on a leash in the campsite. We also thank you for bringing small bags to collect the excrement of your animals.

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