Don't miss the afternoon tournaments and excursions

After lunch, you can take a nap or you can have fun! Animations don't stop in the afternoon! Challenge you, your family and La Bastiane team in tournaments.

No time to get bored at La Bastiane! In summer, our animation team challenges you during tournaments in the afternoon.

The program:

  •  French balls tournament: every Sunday and Wednesday.
  •  When it’s too hot, let’s go swimming: water-polo, aqua-volley, aqua-basket…
  •  Table tennis tournament.
  •  Team sports: basketball, volleyball, football…

And, if you want to go out from La Bastiane, some trips are organised in the surroundings. We will show you nice places and have some fun at our partner’s : in a watersports center or an adventure park.

Don’t worry, you’ll find what you like!


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